Aboretum Definition: 18 Valuable Resources to Get you Started

by Oct 1, 2016

Photo credit: pstrosahl via Visual Hunt / CC BY-SA

An arboretum definition varies depending upon the curator. The importance of an arboretum lies in its ability to showcase trees and stimulate the public.

The Arboretum Definition and Importance of Arboretums

An arboretum definition varies depending upon the curator. The importance of an arboretum lies in its ability to showcase trees and stimulate the public.Trees are essential to our biosphere.  They produce oxygen and provide food and shelter for many organisms.  As well, they stabilize soil.  And their beauty and majesty give us humans nourishment for our souls.  That, my friends, is benefit no one can put a price on.

Arboretums provide a safe haven for trees and shrubs.  They are a showcase of native and select species.  Public admission is welcomed and encouraged.  Arboretums are a place of beauty and refuge for all a community’s inhabitants.  They are a place of education and insight.  Learn about tree science and the place of trees and shrubs in local ecosystems.  Discover the psychology of trees and their effect on human behavior and the well-being of residents in the community.  There is a wealth of knowledge and quietude to be discovered at your local arboretum.  Check out your local arboretum.  Take advantage of all it has to offer.

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Arboretum and Tree Science Quizzes and Polls

As an educator, I have used quizzes and questionnaires with my students for a variety of reasons.  I’ve used them as tools to evaluate their learning.  They are a great way to see what students already know about a topic before I begin a new unit.  Sometimes, they are just plain fun to take and see what you know in comparison to others.  I’m a big fan of taking an interesting quiz I’ve discovered in my on-line reading.  If you love arboretums and value the beauty and ecological importance of trees I challenge you to take some or all of the following quizzes or participate in a poll.  They’re fun, easy and you’ll learn some new facts at the same time.

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Arboretum Inspiration in Quotes and Photography

Arboretums are a refuge for many.  Sitting on a park bench surrounded by trees, the beauty and bounty of nature can at once lift your spirits.  Cares and worries that weigh you down can be removed by the serenity of an arboretum.   There is a sense of peace that comes with a stroll through a forested area.  I live with my family on acerage within an area known as the Oak Ridges Moraine.  I equate trees with solitude and peace.  In a house populated by boys – my three sons and a husband – sometimes I crave that solitude and I find it through a walk in my forest.

I hope that the following posts and photographs, some my own and some borrowed, inspire you to visit your own local arboretum. Perhaps, on your next vacation, you might be encouraged to visit that community’s arboretum.

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Visit an Arboretum Near You

Check out the map below for the locations of some inspirational arboretums.  I live in Ontario, Canada so I’ve included my favorites. The Aurora Arboretum, in Aurora, Ontario holds a special place for me.  It is a special retreat within a busy, thriving community.  It is also next to the community center where my son participates in football training a couple of times each year so it is a go to place for me while he works out.

Hamilton and Guelph also have beautiful arboretums.  I have a son attending University in each of these cities.  Ottawa may be my youngest son’s home next year for schooling so I’ve added it as well.

Look for a number of the more well-known US arboretum locations on the map as well.  I’ve included Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, The United States National Arboretum, and the JC Raulston Arboretum at North Carolina State University.  Your next vacation may very well lend itself to an arboretum visit.  Enjoy the serenity!

Aurora Arboretum

Guelph Arboretum

Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton Arboretum

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

The United States National Arboretum

JC Raulston Arboretum at North Carolina State University

Got a question, article idea, or news link of interest to Science Alcove. Do you have a favorite arboretum you'd like to share? Perhaps you'd like to share your results from one of the quizzes you dared to take? Put down your coffee and share with me.