Science Quizzes: Awesome Resources to Make You Smarter

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Inside: Science quizzes and polls are an awesome way to test your science knowledge. Visit Science Alcove 
and find many resources to make you smarter.

Fun on the Internet:  Science Quizzes and Polls

Science quizzes and polls are a fun way to test your knowledge.  Unlike the tests and quizzes you were forced to take in school, online versions are completely voluntary.  And you can find ones to suit your tastes and personality.  They’re a great way to challenge yourself. How about testing your skills against some friends or colleagues?

Science Alcove, as a science education site, is chock full of science quizzes to test your knowledge.  Often the quizzes are based on past posts or they are part of a monthly theme.  Other quizzes are meant to test general science knowledge.


Below are links to the quizzes on Science Alcove.  I invite you to click on each one and test your skills.  Share them with your friends and colleagues for some friendly competition.  I’d love for you to share your quiz-taking adventures in the comments section found at the end of each quiz post.

Quizzes to Make you Smarter


Endangered Species Quizzes

  1. Take This Endangered Species Quiz
  2. How Well Do You Understand Reasons Species are Endangered?
  3. What in the World Do You Know about Species in Peril?

Arboretum/Tree Quizzes

  1. What More Do You Know about Amazing Tree Biology?
  2. Why in the World Do Leaves Change Color in Autumn?
  3. Tree Biology Quiz: What in the World do You Know?
  4. What More Do You Know About our Earth’s Valuable Trees?
  5. How Well Can You Identify Our Valuable Trees?
  6. What Facts Do You Know about Our Valuable Trees?

General Science Quizzes

  1. What do you Know about Forensic Anthropology?

Surveys to Share your Opinions

Surveys are also an interesting tool used in Science Alcove.  I love to read your opinion on post topics that lend themselves to a double ended question.

Links to all surveys on Science Alcove are listed below.  Many are part of a particular post.  A few are stand-alone surveys.  Participate in a few or take them all!  I check back periodically to look at results.  If I collect enough interesting data on a few of the surveys, I’ll create a post commenting on the results.

Quiz-Making Tools

Below find links to plug-ins and other tools I’ve used to create my surveys and quizzes.  Some are WordPress plug-ins that need a blog or website platform.  One is a stand-alone tool that can be used in the classroom or your homeschooling endeavors.

Stand-alone Tool

  • Google Forms is my favorite thus far.  It is easy to use.  It can be used with Google Classroom for teachers using this platform.  As well, it is easily embedded in a website.  It is a free tool that allows you to compile statistics about the responses received which is valuable for both teachers and those running a website.  You can create both quizzes and polls using this tool.

Website Plug-ins

  • Opinion Stage is an excellent website plug-in that is visually appealing and fun and simple to use.  You can choose from pre-made quizzes to embed in your website or create your own quizzes, polls, lists or personality polls.  It is free to use on a limited basis but if you want to compile statistics to keep track of trends in reader responses you’ll need the paid version.
  • Riddle is another visually appealing website plug-in.  It is also easy to use and like Opinion Stage images and text can be added easily.  Quizzes, polls, lists and personality polls are also possible.  Unlike Opinion Stage it no longer has a free version.
  • SlickQuiz is a WordPress plug-in that I have used extensively.  It is also simple to use.  It easily allows the addition of explanations for correct answers.  It is also free and does allow you to collect emails if you are interested in building a contact list for your website.
  • Quiz and Survey Master is another WordPress plug-in I have used extensively.  It is a little harder to use than SlickQuiz but produces professional results.  It also allows you to add explanations for correct answers and can be set-up to build your mailing list.  It is also a free plug-in and will collect some statistics for you about reader responses.
Be sure to try some or all of these science quizzes and polls.  Challenge your friends on Facebook or Twitter.  Use them in your classroom or homeschooling as a way to stimulate student interest.  If you’d like to see a science quiz or poll on a particular topic let me know in the comments below!  I’ll do my best to create one.

Learn and have fun with Science Alcove’s interactive science quizzes and polls.