Inside:  Identifying trees when out for a walk in a local forest adds fun to your adventure, especially if kids are involved. Sharpen your skills with this quiz.

Identifying trees is fun!  A walk through the forest can be a surreal experience.  Looking up into the heavens at the trees which stretch into the heavens is exhilarating.  What I find even more stimulating is identifying trees based on leaf patterns and shapes, bark texture and sometimes, the flowers and fruits they produce.  Try this quiz which has descriptions of trees based on the above characteristics.  How many can you name correctly?  After you’ve tried this quiz, take your new-found skills to a neighborhood forest and have fun identifying trees in your community.


Please enjoy this quiz:  Identifying Trees

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This tree is the National Tree of the United States and reaches heights of 60 to 100 feet. It's fruit feeds many kinds of wildlife but is particularly appreciated by squirrels. It has leaves with distinctive lobes. Over 60 species are found in North America.
Oak tree Seed and leafs 2009


This tree has smooth, white bark which peels off in large chunks. It lives in moist soil and is the largest hardwood tree in America. As it ages it becomes hollow in some areas which creates habitats for some wildlife.



This tree is slow growing, an evergreen with prickly leaves and red berries, and is a symbol of Christmas for some people. It can reach heights of 40-50 feet making it a deep forest, mid-story tree in its original habitat.

American-Holly (2883698098)


This tree has smooth, gray bark. It can grow 80 feet and be 70 feet wide and it is found in mature forests. The young trees of this type of tree do not lose their leaves until late winter. The leaves are oval in shape with a pointed end and saw-toothed edges.

American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) bark and foliage


The leaves of this tree have opposite branching. An insect called a borer has killed off thousands of these trees. It is commonly used to make baseball bats.
Sorbus americana, Whitefish Island 1


Trees that lose their leaves are given what name?

Poertschach Elisabethstrasse Kastanienallee 01012013 033


This tree prefers moist soil. In the spring, its flowers are pink or white. Its leaves are simple, without teeth and it has brightly colored fall fruit.

White-dogwood-tree-sky-spring - West Virginia - ForestWander


These trees require wet areas to grow in and so are typically found near streams and ponds. Salicylic acid, the active ingredient in aspirin is found in their bark. Bowing branches and narrow leaves are distinctive characteristics of this tree.

Flickr - ronsaunders47 - The weeping Willow..1

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