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Take a long walk through an arboretum and soak in its beauty and serenity. The importance of arboretums will quickly become clear as you stroll. 

Definition of Arboretum

An arboretum is a plot of land devoted to the planting of trees and shrubs. The word comes from the Latin, ‘arbor’, meaning tree and ‘etum’ meaning group of plants.  Many people consider them museums for trees.  Local residents and visitors can admire trees for their beauty and majesty.

An arboretum is often considered the focal point of a community. Share on X For this reason alone arboretums are important.

Millions of people each year get tremendous enjoyment from visiting them.  Do you have an arboretum in your area? There is nothing I like better than to sit on a park bench.  Sometimes I’ll read a book while I soak in the atmosphere of an arboretum. When was the last time you visited your local arboretum? Share on X

“An Arboretum is a place where trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants are cultivated for conservation, scientific and educational study, display and preservation.” — National Arboretum in Canberra, Australia

Importance of Arboretums in a Community


Arnold Arboretum, Boston John Phelan (Own work), CC BY 3.0, via Wiki Commons

  1. They are great places to educate the public in how to use plants best in their own landscape.
  2. Arboretums are important in conservation efforts to save endangered trees and the wildlife that depends on these trees.
  3. Trees receive protection within their borders, thus, protecting biological diversity.
  4. They offer a beautiful place for people to visit and enjoy.
  5. Scientists use arboretums as tools for scientific and educational studies related to trees.

Arboretum’s are beautiful to visit any time of the year.  But they show spectacular color, especially in the northern hemisphere, in autumn.  Check out this Science Alcove quiz that looks at why some leaves change color in autumn.

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