Trees are an important part of the environment. They produce oxygen, provide food for us and other animals, and stabilize the soil. They are often the focal point in landscaping adding beauty and serenity. For some regions, they are such an important part of life that certain trees become part of the
cultural fabric of that area. Arboretums are places of education and preservation of trees. They are beautiful refuges for both people and animals alike. This month’s focus in Science Alcove is arboretums and trees. What do you know about trees? Take this week’s quiz and find out!

Welcome to your Tree Quiz

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1. Which tree provides some of the densest and darkest black wood?
2. What tree has acorns?
3. The Japanese word 'sakura' refers to what kind of tree blossoms?
4. From what evergreen tree does the fruit giving us chocolate come?
5. The Scientific study of trees is known as:
6. Amber is made from fossilized tree .

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