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Welcome, I’m Teresa


I am a former high school science teacher, recently retired after 30 years in the education field.  My areas of expertise, as a teacher, were general science, biology and environmental science.  I am a mother of three boys all of whom have or are working on science degrees at the post secondary level.  As a mother of two boys with dyslexia, I immersed myself in learning ways to help them succeed in school.

I love learning new science and still help my younger son improve his study skills to succeed in university science.

I’m not only an educator but a science junkie.  I love journaling and as science is my passion my journal entries have a science focus.

At Science Alcove educators will find science content, downloadable lesson plans, worksheets and posters to make the job of teaching and inspiring young scientists easy.  Science junkies will find interesting content, science journal printables and practical infographics.

If you love pre-made lesson plans and worksheets, including the answer pages, infographics and science journaling pages so all you need to do is “hit” print, you’ll feel right at home here.

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