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Easy Experiments

Easy experiments are a fun way to connect with your kids or classroom.  Materials in most activities here are easy to find or already on hand.  Try a few today.

The World of Trees

Trees and plants are the base of our biosphere.  Learn about their importance as producers of so much more than oxygen.  Food, shelter, animal habitat, psychological well-being-read all trees have to offer.

Science Quizzes and Polls

Science quizzes and polls are an awesome resource for you or your students. Fun and interactive they are a great way to see what you know. Visit Science Alcove
and find many resources to make you smarter.

What is Fringe Science

What is fringe science?  Fringe science looks at often bizarre, far-out ideas in already established mainstream studies.  Although fringe science is founded in established science, it explores concepts at the extreme boundaries of ‘regular’ science.

Mel Science Chemistry Experiment Monthly Subscription Service

The following contains affiliate links.  This is a monthly chemistry experiment subscription service.   Home school families and middle school classrooms will find immense benefit from kits containing everything you need to complete one or two amazing experiments per month.


  • Decent monthly price considering all chemicals and materials are included.
  • At the moment, the starter kit is free.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Instructions are easy to follow.
  • Lots of supplementary material on-line and through a smarphone app (both iOS and Android).
  • In Canada, both French and English kit are available.
  • School subscription service is available upon request.


  • Can only subscribe to a monthly service at the time being (cannot buy specific kits).
  • Cannot reorder chemicals or supplies if you wish to further repeat the same experiment but vary the conditions.
  • More adult assistance would be necessary for kids under 11 as some components are more difficult to work with.
  • Not likely stimulating enough for most high school level chemistry.
  • Monthly or Yearly subscription rates only; no pay per use available.

For those of you who always wanted to blow stuff up! Do it safely with Mel Science Kits

Great Courses Plus: An Amazing On-Line Learning Experience

The following contains affiliate links.  This is an on-line learning experience I have enjoyed immensely.  Experts entertain and educate in the comfort of your own home streamed when you want to learn!


  • Large library of science courses and lectures and other topics to satisfy your knowledge craving.
  • All you can stream subscription model that is responsive and easy to use.
  • Learn at your own pace, no schedules, no tests.
  • Carefully crafted courses with award-winning professors.
  • Monthly and Yearly subscription rates are a great value for all you can stream service ($19.99 per month; $179.99 per year).


  • Closed captioning not yet supported for all videos.
  • No certificates or on-line assessments provided.
  • No ability for school boards to purchase corporate license for classroom use at this time.
  • Monthly or Yearly subscription rates only; no pay per use available.

Grab a cup of your favorite brew, get comfortable at Great Courses Plus and learn to love your inner science geek!

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