Lucius Annaeus Seneca penned this spiritual tree quote.  Dense, thick forests with their gloomy shadows and stillness cause you to pause and take stock. If you believe in a higher power, the atmosphere of a forest interior makes you feel closer to the supernatural, makes you feel a caress from the hand of God.

Seneca was a Roman philosopher who would have pondered the meaning of life and the roles of his deities in it.  A tutor to the young Nero, he became a trusted advisor to the Emperor but fell out of Nero’s favor years later and was forced to commit suicide by the man he had formerly worked with so closely. Was this quote penned as Seneca was waiting to die by his own hand at Nero’s command?  One can only speculate but the quote stands as a tribute to the mysterious nature of the forests.  Ecologically they are important but they hold a deep spiritual value as well.