Inside: Summer science experiments get children stoked for cool summer learning fun. Beach activities, tornadoes and storms in a jar and experiments with cool treats make summer vacation a blast.

Summer Science is all about Asking Questions

Summer science experiments are a fantastic way to get in tune with the unique biology, ecology, chemistry and physics of this season. Science is all about asking questions and, of course, finding ways to figure out the answers.  Experimentation is key to investigating the world around us.  Every season is unique in the science opportunities it has to offer and summer is no different.

Summer is a great time to get kids excited about science.  Beaches, park visits and pool-side adventures offer great opportunities to explore the science around them.  For homeschooling families, there is a great wealth of interesting experiments geared to water physics and wildlife at beaches. The chemistry of food can also be explored creating cool summer treats. In much of North America and Europe, summer means an increase in thunderstorms and tornadoes.  In southern Ontario where I live, summer ranges from beautiful sunny days, to hot, humid and stormy weather.  Experiments about lightning and tornadoes are a fabulous way to take advantage of those blustery days.

Summer Science at the Beach

The beach was always my kids favorite summer destination.  Why not add some summer experiment supplies in addition to those buckets and sand shovels.  Bring some magnets to learn about the unique composition of beach sand.

Cooling temperatures can create some unusual frosty conditions.  And there’s an experiment in this collection covering frost science.

In my area of the world, it is apple country.  The varieties are endless.  Not only are apples delicious for eating and baking, they are also useful tools of science.  There a couple of gems in this collection using apple experimentation.

Fall is also the season of Halloween.  I know my children adored this spooky season.  No collection of fall science experiments would be complete without a few Halloween-themed experiments.

Try one or try them all.  All of the fall science experiments in this collection are sure to please the very young.  Most of them can be modified to stimulate the older child as well.  A wide, flat beach shovel or sieve would be perfect to look at the physics of beach sand compression.  Shells are plentiful at the beach and are great for examining the characteristics of small, beach crustaceans.

Summer Weather Experiments

Summer is a time of often unpredictable thunderstorms.  Create storms and tornadoes in a bottle and let kids see up close the physics behind these phenomenon.  Show kids the power of the sun by creating a solar oven.  Let them cook some simple food like mac and cheese or hot dogs on their home-made oven.  Young children will love discovering the power of the sun by experimenting with different substances and observing how they melt (or not).

Cool Experiments in the Summer

If flowers are plentiful in your garden, let your kids examine capillary action in flowers (how water gets up the stem from the roots).

Make home-made ice cream on a hot summer day and learn some chemistry along the way.

Create a mini ecosystem and let your kids watch summer animals before they gently release them back into the wild.  Mosquitoes are a pesky nuisance every summer (even though they too have their place in the ecosystem).

Make a natural mosquito trap with your budding scientists and make the summer evenings on your back porch a bit more comfortable.

Summer Science Experiments Sure to Stimulate young Minds

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14 Summer Science Experiments:Easy and Absolutely Awesome Fun

What summer science experiments will you try with your kids this year!  Let us know in the comments below!

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