Inside:  Frogs are cool and not all of them are green. They are slimy carnivores living off of bugs. Take a gander at some interesting and unusual frog facts.  *The following contains affiliate links.

As a kid, I loved to collect tadpoles and watch their metamorphosis from tailed creatures, to gaining legs and then their tiny arms.  I was fascinated with the slowly disappearing tail.  When their metamorphosis was complete it was a joy to take them back to the pond I got them from and watch them swim away.15 Amazing Frog Facts You Need To Know

Frogs are pretty cool creatures.  They’re slimy, unlike their toad cousins who are rough and dry.  They are carnivores living off of mostly bugs.  A few larger frogs will even eat small snakes, mice or even smaller frogs.

Frogs belong to the order Anura and there are over 4700 species.  Bull frogs were always my favorite.  My mother-in-law had a pool covered with a tarp unused for a couple of years.  As their property was surrounded by forest, the liner became inhabited by bullfrog tadpoles swimming in the collected rainwater.  I was able to capture a few and keep them in a large jar.  It took about two years for them to go through complete metamorphosis.  Bullfrog tadpoles are very large compared to their green frog cousins. In their adult form they are also among the loudest!

Frogs are cool and not all of them are green. Take a gander at some interesting frog facts. Click To TweetFrogs are cool and not all of them are green.  Take a gander at some interesting and unusual frog facts.


General Frog Facts to Fascinate

1.  You can tell how old a frog is by counting the rings in its bones.  Every year when a frog hibernates, a new layer of bone grows in each bone.

2.  Many frogs can jump 20x their own height and some can jump 20x their own body length.

3.  Frogs come in many colors, not just green.  Bright colored frogs are often poisonous and their bright color is a signal to other animals that they should not be eaten.

4.  Herpetology is the study of amphibians and reptiles.  The word comes from the Greek, Herpeton, meaning something that crawls.

5.  You can distinguish between male and female frogs by looking at the ears.  In the males, the tympanum located just behind the eye is larger than the frog’s eye while in females it is smaller.

6.  Frogs go through metamorphosis.15 Amazing Frog Facts You Need To Know

7.  A group of frogs is known as an army.

Frog Skin and Sound

8.  Frogs do not drink with their mouths.  They drink with their skin.  Not only do they absorb water through their skin but they also absorb pollutants from the air.

9.  Frogs molt.  Most molt once a week, some every day. It is thought that frogs shed their skin to rid themselves of disease.  They drink and absorb oxygen through their skin so it is also important to keep it health by creating new skin and shedding the old.  Most frogs eat their molted skin.

10.  Males attract females by croaking.  They fill their vocal sacs with air which vibrate as the air is released.  The croaking can often be heard from a mile away.

11.  Every species of frog makes its own special sound – chirp, whistle, croak, ribbit, peep, cluck, bark or grunt.

Frog Mouths and Unique Frog Facts

12.  Frogs have teeth on their upper jaw.  These teeth keep their prey in place until swallowed.  Their eyes retract into their head to help push their food down.

13.  Frog tongues are attached to the front of their mouths not the back.  This allows them to capture fast moving prey like insects.  They throw out their sticky tongue, wrap it around the prey and snap it back into their mouth shoving the prey down their throat.

14.  In Egypt, the frog is the symbol of life and fertility.  Heget is the frog goddess of fertiity.

15.  Asian tree frogs build their nests above water so that when the tadpoles hatch, they fall directly into the water.

Frogs are an interesting group.  I was always fascinated to watch their transformation from fish-like creatures to tiny frogs. I still find them interesting creatures.  Like butterflies, they are a crucial part of their ecosystem.  Because they breath through their skin and absorb not only air and water they also absorb any pollutants present.  Sick frogs are often the first sign that an ecosystem is in trouble.  Frogs, like butterflies, should be protected and encouraged to flourish.  Build a pond in your garden if your municipality allows.  A pond as part of a butterfly garden will benefit both creatures.


15 Amazing Frog Facts You Need To Know -

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