Inside: A science gift guide is great for Christmas gift giving.  Family, friends and your favorite science teacher will be enamored by the perfect science gift.  Not only can they be lovingly used, they make great conversation pieces.  Note:  There are affiliate links in this post.  Should you click on a link, I may make a small commission at no cost to you.  Read here for more details.

Importance of the Science Gift Guide

A science gift guide comes in handy when shopping for the science-lovers on your gift buying list.  In my home, all 5 of us are steeped in science.  My husband works in the nuclear industry, I was a high school science teacher and now science blogger, my oldest son is in the environmental science sector, my middle son works as a programmer but is applying for PhD studies in aerospace technology and my youngest son studies life sciences in university.  When I am hunting for unique items to add to my gift list, science themed gifts are at the top of my list.

Amazon is my favorite go to shopping site when looking for unique items that I cannot source locally.

What Science-Lover Does Not Love a Great Conversation Starter

Do you have a family member or science teacher who loves to cook?…Amazon has you covered for some unique and affordable science-themed cooking utensils.  Right now I’m downsizing my collection of spices.  There are only so many that I use.  The chemist’s spice rack listed has the perfect number of containers for the spices I use most often.  I’m throwing some hints around my house for this cute item!

Science Alcove is all about sitting down to read while cradling your favorite beverage.  There are a ton of options on Amazon perfect for your beverage of choice.  My favorite is the Erlenmeyer flask coffee mug.  What a conversation starter.  I have a few chemistry teachers I’ve worked with who would love this one to add to their collection.  The chemistry shot glasses are also on my buying list for a few family members!

My middle son has his first full-time job and his own apartment.  He is a physics/math guy.  Those pillows for the science decorator are on my list for him.

If you are a homeschooling family or love to supplement your own kids or relatives classroom education then a science subscription service might appeal to you.  Kiwi Crates allows you to buy single kits in the US and gift cards.  Mel Science also offers gift subscriptions.  A subscription service is a gift that keeps on giving.

Check out the gift guide below.  I’m positive you’ll find something for that special science teacher, friend or family member.





KiwiCo offers single kit purchases in the United States only.  However, you buy gift certificates for a 1, 3, 6 or 12 month subscription for your children to try or for your favorite niece or nephew.  And no worries, a gift subscription does not renew.  They have kits geared from age ranges from infant to adult.

Unfortunately, Great Courses Plus does not offer gift subscriptions.  However, it is the perfect family gift if you love learning new things.  It is like Netflix for the mind and has amazing science content as well as other topics like history, hobbies and economics.  Just make sure you have a strong internet signal to stream all this great content.  You’ll quickly get hooked.

Mel Science currently offers 9- and 12- month gift subscriptions. These options are available at a slight discount.   And remember, a gift subscription does not renew.  Select the “Buy as a gift” option on the registration page.

You Need to Check Out My Holiday Science Gift Guide
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