Inside:  Tracking your micro credentials is vital in today’s competitive job market. Resumes and cover letters need those keywords to get you noticed. There are dozens of on-line learning opportunities – both free and paid. I urge you to explore what’s out there and start keeping track of those micro credentials. *An affiliate link is found in this post. If you click I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Tracking your micro credentials is vital in today’s society.  I was one of the lucky ones.  Prior to graduating from teacher’s college, I had obtained a promise of employment from an Ontario school board.  It was February and I had signed a contract and knew where I would be teaching the following September.  For most, especially now, it is not that easy.  Securing a job in your field of study is often a difficult process.  Specific skill sets are required.  Employers are looking for keywords in your résumé attesting to the fact you have the skills they need.

Your Learning should Never Stop

Even after you have landed that dream job, the learning doesn’t stop.  Most employers are keen to see that you continue to upgrade your knowledge and skill set.  Reviews are often scheduled during regular intervals to assess your performance.  Sometimes courses and certificates are available on the job to improve your skills and knowledge.  Often, however, it is up to you to search out avenues of improvement.  And tracking your micro credentials to show what you have done to improve can mean the difference between a valued promotion or being left behind.

In today’s job market, rare is the person who will become a 25 to 30 year veteran in their workplace.  Opportunities for advancement most often mean changing companies.  It is a competitive world and it is necessary to do what you can to stand out.

Most go-getters never stop in the learning process.  If you are a dedicated learner, you never stop reading.  You are often taking on-line courses whether for the pleasure of learning something new or to refine your skill set in your present field of work.  Why not keep track of your personal progress.

On-Line Learning Opportunities

The on-line world today provides so many opportunities to add to your skill set or increase your knowledge on a variety of topics.  Some courses are free.  Some need a small fee if you are looking for a verified certificate of achievement.  Check out the various MOOC options here.  If you love to binge learn, there are options out there that allow you to binge-watch courses.  Check out my review of Great Courses Plus here.  There is something for everyone – the hobbyist, the science enthusiast and the history buff.

Keeping Track of your Micro credentials

If you are going to the trouble of improving your knowledge and skills, why not keep track of these micro credentials.  Show your enthusiasm for your present field of work.  Indicate to a future employer your willingness and ability to learn new skills.  Show an employer that your willingness and love of learning didn’t stop at graduation.  Employers are looking for people with particular skills but they are also keen to hire those who can continue to learn on the job.  Tracking your post-degree learning is a great way to show this.

It just so happens I’ve developed a file for tracking your micro credentials.  It’s in Excel, so you can organize your entries depending on your work needs.  I’ve left space for the obvious but also included space to add keywords for a résumé update and to reflect and record the impact the course or reading has had on your life and career.  These ideas are important for job reviews and for future resume building and interviews.

Search the web for on-line learning opportunities.  There are both free and paid options with varying benefits.  Some are free but offer paid certification.  Some niche courses have a heftier fee but provide specialized qualifications.

Check out your local community colleges and universities.  Many offer low-cost courses and some offer on-line or distance learning.  The options are many.  But make sure you keep track of all your efforts.  Learning is never a waste of time and it could lead you to a brighter future!

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