Inside: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a ready-made list of monthly science holidays and events to plan your science curriculum.  You’d be surprised how many science holidays and events have been organized.  Some are pure fun while others embrace some pretty important concepts.  Why not join Science Alcove and get your hands on a comprehensive list of science holidays?  *This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

Everyone Loves a Holiday

Science holidays and events are fabulous anchors around which to plan your classroom or home school curriculum. Holidays and events that celebrate science and scientific achievement are also a  great way to create integrated curriculum.

Science is my passion.  I loved finding ways to merge literacy skills with science units of study.  What better way for students to really get the math they’re learning than by applying those math skills to building a bat box or wind mill.  Integrating curriculum is the way to go in your classroom or home school.

What better way to get your students excited about science concepts than by taking ideas from science holidays. #affiliatelinks Share on X

Integrated Curriculum Makes Connections

What exactly is integrated curriculum?  In its simplest form, it is all about making connections across subject disciplines as well as in real-life.

Integrated curriculum can be as complex as addressing one science theme through all subjects. In elementary school, integration often happens through learning centers.  For a theme like “animal habitats,” each learning center revolves around one activity designed to encourage students to explore habitats from the viewpoint of one discipline—math, language, science, or social studies.  Want a handy reference for science holidays happening throughout the year.  Get access to my free Resource Library that contains your monthly science holiday list as well as all of the other worksheets, lesson plans and infographics available for download.  Fill out the form below for the password to the library.

In a simpler form, only 1 or 2 subject areas are integrated around one science theme.  A novel study of, Monkey Town: The Summer of the Scopes Trial or Inherit the Wind could be paired with exploring the controversy between the ideologies of Creationism and Evolution.

In some cases, integration takes on a more intradisciplinary approach.  My middle son is completing the Integrated Science Program at McMaster University.  This science degree is unique in that it is heavily weighted in research projects that approach a problem from multiple science perspectives – biology, physics, chemistry, math and often ecology and psychology as well.  It is an intensive program and not for the faint of heart.

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Science Holidays Make Integration Fun

Kids love holidays.  Adults love them too.  What better way to get your students excited about skills and science concepts than by drawing activity ideas from science holidays.  Classrooms often celebrate the 100 day of school.  Grab the monthly holiday list by getting access to my free Resource Library and start integrating some cool and unique holidays into your science planning today.



Earth Day is a popular holiday celebrated with activities in school and at home. Check out this related post, How Water Pollution Effects Marine Life?, that explains how we are hurting our oceans and marine animals.  It has a great activity for teaching your students about biomagnification.

If you love the idea of having a monthly list of holidays to help plan integrated curriculum, join Science Alcove and download your free list of Science Holidays and Events and get access to all my free resources. 


Join Science Alcove and download your free list of Science Holidays and Events. #affiliatelinks Share on X

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