Inside: Halloween science experiments are a fabulous way to stimulate curiosity in kids. Spooky chemistry and physics makes concepts fun and easy to learn.

 Halloween Science Experiments are a Great Tool for Exploring Chemistry and Physics

Halloween science experiments are a fantastic way to get kids hyped up about this scary holiday.  Science is all about asking questions and finding ways to figure out the answers.  Experimentation is key to investigating the world around us.  Every season and holiday has its unique science and Halloween is no different.

Halloween is a great time to get kids excited about science.  Kids love anything gross and unusual.  A fabulous visual and engaging experiment is a really good way to get kids stimulated and primed for Halloween.  For homeschooling families, there is a great wealth of interesting experiments geared to pumpkins, a staple of Halloween.  Ghosts, candy and the weird and unusual are great ways to explore science concepts of physics and chemistry in tune with the Halloween holiday.

Scary Physics and Chemistry Experiments

Exploring force, rocket science and static electricity is more fun when spooky elements of Halloween are used.  Dancing ghosts, ghost rockets, and eyeball catapults make physics way more fun!  Examining the physics of structures is much cooler using Halloween candy and ghostly Styrofoam balls.

Explore the behavior of matter in a fun way with bubbling potions, and swirling eyeballs.  Erupting pumpkins are perfect for teaching acid/base chemistry.

There are endless ways to add Halloween fun to your science experimentation.  And many of the ingredients and materials are there to be found right in your home or school lab.  Some pumpkins, apples and a little bit of imagination will bring delight to your classroom or home school.

Try one or try them all.  All of the Halloween science experiments in this collection are sure to please the very young and very old alike.  Many of them can be modified to suit curriculum in older grades as well.

The experiments in the two videos below are not easily reproduced at home and some are not suitable except in a well-supervised school lab.  I thought, however, they’d be fun and interesting to show your class or kids at home.  Physics and chemistry with a spooky Halloween twist are sure to please any child.  But I don’t recommend trying these at home unless you have science skill like Steve Spangler!

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139 Easy But Absolutely Awesome Halloween Science Experiments
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