What do you know about amazing butterflies?  I bet you know more than you think.  Take this short quiz and you may surprise yourself about how much you know about these beautiful insects.

What do you know about amazing butterflies? Share on X  What do you know about amazing butterflies?  Most of us know that they are insects. They belong to the insect order Lepidoptera.  Lepidos is Greek for “scales” and ptera means “wing”.  Butterflies are lumped in the same group as moths and they have many similarities.  Except for beetles, butterflies and moths out number every other insect group.

What in the World do you Know about Amazing Butterflies?

“Isn’t it suppose to be good luck if a butterfly lands on your shoulder?? I think so!! I could use a little bit of that; kristin klein; CC BY 2.0, via flickr

Surely you have seen caterpillars munching on leaves in the spring and summer and understand that they are butterflies waiting to be born.  Watching butterflies in the garden brings joy to most of us.  They are the delicate, beautiful bugs of the world.  We might cringe at a caterpillar but most would feel a thrill to have a butterfly light on their shoulder.

Butterflies have been around a long time.  They have been found as fossils in rock from the Cretaceous Period, about 130 million years old.  They evolved about the same time as flowering plants – coincidence – not.  They are the second biggest pollinating group of insects next to bees.

Butterflies are found everywhere around the world, hot and cold except Antarctica.  Most species, however, are found in tropical, very warm areas of the world.  You might be aware that the Monarch butterfly migrates long distances to Mexico.  But many butterfly species migrate to escape less than desirable conditions when the seasons change.  It’s amazing to think of these tiny, delicate creatures flying thousands of miles to reach sunny locales in the south.

Yes, butterflies are insects.  But they are beautiful, ethereal creatures that evoke a sense of wonder in both the young and the old.  What do you know about amazing butterflies?  Test your knowledge by taking this short quiz.  You may surprise yourself on how much you do indeed know of these beautiful butterflies.


What in the World do you Know About Amazing Butterflies?