Inside:  Bird feeders can be relaxing entertainment with a cup of coffee comfy in your favorite window seat. Take this quiz and test your knowledge.

One of my favorite winter activities is to grab a warm mug of coffee and sit in my favorite comfortable chair by the window to watch the activity at my bird feeders.  Chickadees, Juncos and Blue Jays argue and jostle for space at the feeders.  Sometimes it is peaceful.  Other times arguments ensue.  It is never short of entertainment value.

Feeding birds in the winter is welcomed by most birds.  Food is often scarce and hard to find.  If you are diligent in keeping your feeders full, you will have endless entertainment from your feathered friends.  If you have cats and dogs, they may also enjoy the avian activity (or if you are my dogs feel frustrated they can’t get out and chase them).

I invite you to take 1 or 2 minutes of your time to test your knowledge of birds and bird feeders.  Share your results in the comments below.  Do you feed the birds?  In the winter?  All year? Let us know that as well.

Birds and Bird Feeders- What in the World do you Know

I love wine.  So this recycled bird feeder project really spoke to me.  Check it out.  You could modify the plans to use even more recycled material.