Inside:  Holiday gifts for the Science Geek in your life are not part of your usual, department store shopping.  Where do you find these unique gifts?  Read on and discover 32 fun and unique gifts for the science geek in your life. *affiliate links are contained within this post.  You click and I may earn a small commission.  There is no added cost to you.

Holiday shopping is upon us.  Every year, it seems to sneak up faster than the one before.  Some people are just so easy to shop for. But what about those special friends with a passion for science?  A dozen roses or Pandora necklace probably will not make the cut for your science geek girl.  Ordinary cufflinks or tie will likely not impress your intense science guy.  So…. what gifts do you get for the science geeks in your life?  And if you knew what to get, where would you find such unusual gifts?

Look not further my friends.  I have put together an impressive list of interesting and unusual and sometimes beautiful holiday gifts for the science geek in your life.

Holiday Games for Science Lovers

Does your scientist like to play games?  These holiday gifts for the Science Geek might just fit the bill.

Play Ringer with a solar system inspired set of marbles.  Smash the planets with an asteroid.  Have Earth destroyed by Mars or Uranus.  What a great way to fuel the imagination with a unique twist on marbles.  And for the collector, what a great addition to any marble collection.

Does your science geek love to play cards?  What a unique way to play Old Maid, or Hearts using elements from the Periodic Table or constellations from the Milky Way.

Gifts of Jewelry for the Science Geek

Even science nerds like cool and classy jewelry.  These holiday gifts for the Science Geek in your life are beautiful and unique.

Add some mood-maintaining serotonin in your science nerds life in a classic necklace.  Give your favorite science teacher an inspiring necklace!  A biology major would love a DNA necklace showing off the basic unit of all life including her own.

How to Gift a Caffeine Fix for your Science Lover

Research and lab work can occupy long grueling hours.  Caffeine is just the ticket to keep awake and these holiday gifts for the science geek in your life are unique and practical.  Imagine them sipping coffee in a Caffeine Lab Beaker mug while pouring over their latest project or making a cup of tea using a test tube tea infuser.  Unique, cool and practical!

Living Gifts for Your Science Fan

Aquariums for your desk or your wall.  Plants and small fish will be healthy and happy.  They are unique decorative gifts for the aquarium lover.

Science Kits for the Science Lover

Science kits are a no-brainer when it comes to fabulous gifting for science geeks.  Young or old scientists love to experiment.  Even better, grandparent and parent science geeks love to share their passion with the younger generation.  These gifts come packed with the tools, materials and instructions to keep experimenting all day!

Sweet Art for your Science Fan

Science lovers love to decorate too but their tastes might run a bit more eclectic.  Left brain versus right brain, artsy DNA, and cool science pillow covers inspire your science geeks creativity.

Visually Appealing Reading Material for the Science Lover

Coffee table books are all the rage.  Science lovers love them too.  There are a number of unique ones to choose from. These holiday gift books would make a wonderful addition to the library of any Science Geek in your life.

Earth Song and Water by photographer Bernhard Edmaier display beautiful photos of the Earth’s surface.  The Book of Barely Imagined Beings is an A-Z listing of 27 strange creatures.  Written by Caspar Henderson, the volume is set up like an old world bestiary but with a modern twist.  It reveals little known facts of animals all over the world.

What Science Geek Doesn’t Love Stuff that’s Just Plain Cool?

This group of holiday geek gifts is a mish-mash of cool stuff.  What science lover wouldn’t love his drink cooled by ice shaped like the Titanic listing lazily in his drink surrounded by floating ‘glaciers’!  I want a mold to make those!

A miniature video projector that can hook up to virtually any device would not only provide entertainment anywhere but think of the possibilities in using it for research proposals, presentations to colleagues, classmates!

Love listening to beats in your car?  Your science geek might also love to see the beats on his back window and show  his love of music to everyone.  An LED light strip sticks to a back windshield and plugs in to a car power adaptor.  Turn on the radio and the music causes light patterns visible to everyone passing by.  A very cool car accessory for the science lover.

There you have it.  34 unique holiday gifts for the science geek in your life.  Happy holiday shopping everyone!



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