Blog Reader Survey: Make Science Alcove More Awesome

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This blog reader survey will help me improve your experience on Science Alcove.  Grab a cup of brew and take less than 10 minutes to help out Science Alcove.

I’ve always enjoyed writing.  As a very young girl, I was the one stapling paper together and with pencil in hand I would compose my story to share with my classmates.  My ability to string words together and compose interesting prose actually saved me in university.

I started my university education when I was in high school.  I was offered an opportunity to take a course through the University of Western Ontario through night school.  It was Introductory Psychology and because of that course I enrolled in Psychology studies when I entered university the next fall.  I ended up changing my major the next year.  One biology course and discovering the faculty of Urban and Environmental Studies and I knew I needed to change focus and get back to what I truly loved – biology and the environment.  I didn’t give up on Psychology though.  I juggled my time-table and decided to tackle both degrees at the same time.

With such a varied schedule, it often happened that I had multiple essay assignments due within a very short period.  I’m a very organized person but every now and again, one of these assignments would get put to the bottom of my priority pile.  Now, you have to realize, I was completing my degrees before the internet was a well-used entity.  I was still checking out books and periodicals the old-fashioned way – in paper form.  Woe to me, it was often the case that for one or two of my papers, the required reading material was checked out and not available again until after my paper was due.

That’s where my ability to string words together in a wonderful way saved me.  I wouldn’t get top marks for those essays written with sketchy research material but they sounded darn good and intellectual.  It was enough to get me a 75+ on essays like that and I considered it a gift.  And my butt was saved.

Now, I put that talent to use on my blog as well as freelance copywriting.  It keeps me busy.  I’m less likely to get in trouble.  And better yet, my mind is always stimulated as I’m researching my next post.

So, I'm reaching out to you, my readers. Take the Science Alcove blog reader survey. Share on X I’d like to keep improving my content.  Input from you will help me realize what I’m doing right and what needs improvement.  It will only take 5 to 10 minutes of your time or less if you are a quick typist.  The 17 questions in this survey will help shape Science Alcove.  I hope you choose to be part of that reshaping.


I’m looking forward to stringing words together to compose more interesting prose tailored to you, my readers.  Thanks for participating in the survey.  Your responses are valued opinions and important research in improving my blog.  If you haven’t already grabbed that cup of brew, go do it now.  You deserve it.  Thanks again and look for a post in the near future letting you know the results of your collective responses.