Do you love reading crime novels by Kathy Reichs, Patricia Cornwell or Jefferson Bass? Share on X Do you get a high from solving puzzles?  The more intricate the more you get a buzz?  If so keep reading, this quiz is right up your alley of interest.  Forensic anthropology combines the study of anthropology that involves examining archaeological sites and forensic science which most of understand involves interpreting crime scene evidence.

So who ya gonna call when you find human remains? Ghost busters? Share on X Probably not.  But perhaps a forensic anthropologist could she’d some light?  Take the quiz and see what you understand about the role of these unique scientists in fighting crime.

Test Your Knowledge of Forensic Anthropology

Forensic anthropology has been made famous by television series such as “Bones” on Fox.  It is an incredible field satisfying the needs of the lover of world travel and the extreme puzzle maniac.  How much do you know about forensic anthropology. Take this quick quiz to find out.

Who is regarded as the Father of Forensic Anthropology?

Dr. Bill Bass

Dr. George Parkman

Thomas Dwight

Dr. William Maples

What is the main role of a forensic anthropologist?

Examining animal bone

Examining bones in a legal capacity

Diagnosing bone disease in living persons

Performing an autopsy on soft tissue

What must a forensic anthropologist be able to do?

Perform an autopsy of soft tissue

Identify every bone in the body

Arrange bone in anatomical order

Both second and third choices

In 1980, who set up the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility, also known as the Body Farm?

Dr. Bill Bass

Dr. William Maples

Dr. Clyde Snow

Dr. Richard Jantz

Who is credited with coining the phrase, “The Body Farm”?

Dr. Bill Bass founder of the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility

An FBI agent taking a course at the University of Tennessee Anthropological Research Facility

Author Patricia Cornwell

What is FORDISC?

A computer program allowing forensic anthropologists to make metric analyses on skeletal remains based on modern data.

A government agency that gives funding to forensic anthropologists.

A school for forensic anthropologists.

An acronym for ‘ Forensic Odontological Remains Discovery’.

Who developed FORDISC?

Dr. Bill Bass

Wilton Krogman and Dr. Clyde Snow

Dr. William Maples

Drs. Richard Jantz and Stephen Ousley

Which bone is most commonly used to determine the height of the deceased?





You can tell the age of skeletal remains by examining which of the following?

Length of the femur.

Shape of the pelvis.

Number of fused bones.

In general, a female skeleton has a pelvis that is…..?



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You didn’t score as well as the experts but this means you can only get better! Practise makes perfect so just get stuck in and give it a go. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

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You know something about forensic anthropology but have a ways to go to become an expert. Read more. Let your curiosity take over. Bone detectives are cool!

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You know everything there is know about forensic anthropology! Well, almost. Great start – now it’s time to learn some more about this great field. Check the web for more great resources and make sure to check back in with Science Alcove for more posts on the subject.