Scientific discovery in 2015 is a showcase of the breadth of innovation and imagination possible. Share on X What can be imagined can be designed it seems. Very little appears to be beyond the ability of humans to create although what can be created and what should be created are topics which should probably be addressed. As well, previously held notions are constantly being challenged by our ability to explore more extreme environments and 2015 saw a few of those traditional concepts challenged or outright refuted.  Scientific breakthroughs in space are refuting the Big Bang Theory.  We all learned in school that mammals are warm-blooded and fish are cold-blooded.  Deep-sea research has discovered new evidence than even that rule has its exceptions.  The following are the breakthroughs or discoveries I feel deserve a place as the top discoveries of 2015.


Now that you’ve read through my list of top ten scientific discoveries take the poll that follows.  Which of these breakthroughs do you feel are the most significant of 2015?  Please let us know in the comments.  Are there any discoveries you feel I should have added?  I value your opinion!