Science and Weight Loss

Science is all about experimentation.  Find an idea to test.  Make a hypothesis.  Develop an experiment to test that hypothesis.  Weight loss for many of us is just like a science experiment.  We research some diet plans, choose a method we think will help us lose weight and give it the good old college try.  Some of us will be very successful.  Many of us will tweak our first plan and add new strategies.  A few of us will get some early results then give up when we plateau after losing a few pounds.  I have fit into that last category several times.  It is so hard to restrict calorie intake and feel hungry much of the time.  When working and raising a family, it can be hard to change your routine to include exercise.

I went for a physical last week.  I’m generally in good health, my blood pressure is good.  My weight now is 168 lbs.  At 5 feet 6 inches that makes me very overweight.  I am over 50.  My metabolism has slowed but unfortunately my love of food has not slowed.  And really, should it slow down?  I guess my love can stay fervent but how much food I love at any one time needs to change.  This is where the science of weight loss comes in.  I have tried calorie reduction.  On my android phone I have the Noom weight loss app.

Science of Weight Loss

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Program in your height and weight and age and the number of pounds its your goal to lose and Noom calculates how many daily calories of food and drink you should consume in a day.  It is nice enough to give you more calories if you do some exercise.  This app is a great tool, but I find the daily recording of everything I consume which involves finding the right brand or food choices time-consuming and just not practical for my temperament.  I also find that the calorie restriction it placed on me was at this time unrealistic.  I was hungry all the time and frankly feeling miserable and not at all inspired.

Science of Weight Loss: Experimental Design of My Journey

So, after my doctors visit, this is my new diet plan, my experimental procedure for losing weight if you will:

  • regular exercise which will involve daily swimming while the season allows, gardening, and work around the farm

    Science of Weight Loss

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  • a weekly meal plan mainly to avoid eating out due to our hectic schedule of work, school and football practices
  • I also plan to bake multiple batches of healthy muffins for grab and go lunches for work and school
  • freezing yogurt in ice-cube trays and making up smoothie baggies by adding a few yogurt cubes and frozen fruit will make morning smoothies a convenient, quick, nutritious breakfast – thanks to good friend Pru Cameron-Jordan for this tip
  • staying part of the Wolverines Mom Fit Club for continued group support (this group was started by a number of us football moms who walked the track at the high school where our boys practiced – walking and chatting made the time fly by and that community support continues in our Fit Club)

I plan to make my experiment in weight loss a regular series.  Most weeks I’ll post my weight (hopefully lower). I’ll include commentary on exercises that worked and those that I found less than inspiring and could not keep up.  I’ll summarize my meal plan including a recap of recipes that worked for both adults and my teenage son.  I’ll also comment on any apps or technology I’m finding helpful.  As in any scientific inquiry, when hypothesis one doesn’t pan out, experimental methods are modified.  I will include any changes in my basic diet design as the weeks progress.

So there you have it – an experiment in weight loss.  I’m hoping the new parameters I’ve set for myself will be maintainable.  What about you?  What weight loss experiments have you tried?  Any great tips you can pass on to the rest of us?  Let us know in the comments.

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