I’ll admit it.  I dropped the ball on this one.  My plans fell asunder.  Best laid plans and all that……. Kitchen renovations never go as planned.  The renovation from hell still continues although we are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  After scraping off 4 layers of wall paper (and coming to a velour type common in the 1800’s which would make sense since our home is circa 1880) and fixing lathe and plaster, the walls are painted. The new ceramic floor is now ready for grout.  By Thursday I hope my new fridge will have ice and water hooked up.  By early next week, the back-splash should be installed.  What does this have to do with the science of weight loss you ask?  Well it doesn’t.  But it certainly put a crimp in my plans of putting into action more carefully crafted daily meals.  It’s hard to plan when your fridge is moved daily and the stove is unplugged to install tile. Plaster dust and the various tools of renovation lying around the kitchen do not make for efficient or sanitary food preparation.  So, I scrapped making good on weekly meal plans.  By Canadian Thanksgiving we should be through the worst.  I can start then.

As well, the Friday before school resumed I received an interesting call to take on a teaching job out of my expertise.  Grade 9 English, Grade 11 World Religions and Grade 10 Math were three courses a high school I supply at often had opened up due to unexpected enrollment.  As work for supply teaching tends to be slim pickings at the beginning of the year, I jumped at the chance.  Two weeks of work turned into three weeks and a day I am happy to say.  Unhappily, the preparation for three courses I am unfamiliar with took its toll on my blog.  I was exhausted by 9 pm.  I am finding as I get older, my ability to multitask grows weaker.  Financially, this job came at the perfect time as renovations are expensive.  A very big bonus was that I really enjoyed the job. The kids were fantastic and I enjoyed stretching myself in unfamiliar teaching territory. Needless to say, my vision of weekly posts for my new feature went by the wayside as did my attention to my blog .

So, how did I fare weight wise.  Well, with all the walking and at least fairly regular eating habits I did manage to lose half a pound.  Not a lot I know but I am happy that I did not gain.  [tweetthis]Stress can play havoc on your body when you are trying to lose or maintain a weight goal.[/tweetthis] I am happy with my progress.  Next week I’ll weigh in again.  I don’t think I’ll have reached my goal of weekly meal plans.  The kitchen needs our full attention.  I am having family over for Thanksgiving.  It needs to be done enough that I can clear the mess and cook to entertain.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

The feature picture of this post is a drawing by Madame Lavoisier (seated at right).  Antoine Lavoisier is performing the first recorded measuring of basal metabolic rate (BMR) on his assistant Armand Seguin.  He accomplished this by containing him inside a rubber suit and fitting him with a tube sealed to his mouth with putty.  BMR measure the amount of energy expended by an endothermic animal (like ourselves) at rest.  You can determine your own BMR now.  Age, skipping meals and exercise affect BMR and can make it difficult to meet your weight goals.  You can’t control your age but eating regularly and not skipping meals and cardiovascular exercise can increase BMR.  Hopefully I’ve given you something to think about for achieving your own weight loss goals.