Waves at the beach are like comfort food to many.  Maintaining order during my family and household day-to-day activities can be draining.  Add a job and maintaining a blog and my anxiety levels will often peak.  I grew up in Sarnia, Ontario which lies along the shore of Lake Huron.  I spent my summers as a child at the beach almost daily.  Deep sand, crashing waves all bring back memories of fun and comfort.  When my anxiety levels reach a thrumming high, I search my memory banks for the soothing sounds of the waves of my favorite beaches.  Every summer, I return to my childhood home and spend as much time as possible soaking up the sounds and sights and heat of the beach.  Mike Weir Beach and Canatara Park are two of my favorite stops.

The quote in the featured image of this post spoke strongly to me.  I often get overwhelmed.  I try to pace myself, write out lists to see my accomplishments but sometimes my anxiety overtakes my mind.  I think I need to record the surf next time I visit my favorite beach and make it available to replay when I’m stressed.  I can feel my troubles drain away when I’m sitting or walking along the beach.  Sounds bring back strong memories.  A recording of my most peaceful moments on the shoreline might bring back that sense of joy in my soul.

What is your favorite way to relax?  Biking, walking or listening to waves at the beach?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.