Ontario, Canada is an immense province bordering 4 of the Great Lakes – Superior, Huron, Ontario and Erie. Although it has a huge industrial sector, it also boasts beautiful forests and fabulous beaches perfect for swimming, picnicking, shell and fossil hunting, sunbathing and other forms of stress relief.  It is an oasis for tourists from all over the world.  From my last few posts many of you know that I grew up along the shores of Lake Huron in the city of Sarnia.  Beautiful tan-sanded beaches were merely a walk or bike ride away.  I spent most summer days swimming or exploring these beaches.  I eventually moved away from my home town.  Lake Ontario is the closest big lake near me now.  It does have some beautiful beaches.  In fact two of them are listed on the poll included in this post.  However, I believe the most beautiful beaches lie along the shores of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay.

The best beaches in Ontario lie along the Great Lakes.  They are sandy, often with near white sand.  If you have young kids who love to not only swim but enjoy making sand castles then these beaches are next to none. Although some have rocky shorelines, most have comfortable sandy bars near the shore that are divine to swim in.  The Ministry of Health in Ontario is very good about testing the water of our beaches regularly.  Sometimes you will find a favorite beach closed but they stay open for the most part.

I have included 6 beaches in the survey below.  I hope many of you have had a chance to visit these treasures of Ontario:

Click on the beach name to learn more about what each has to offer.

For those of you who have visited our beautiful beaches, which three are your favorite?  Do you have a favorite not listed here?  Complete the survey and let our readers know which beaches are worth the trip to Ontario!

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