Inside: There are many ways to help protect endangered species that are meaningful and pretty simple to do. The only real way to not help endangered species is to try nothing at all, ignore the problem and hope the issues affecting them go away on their own. Get access to a free Endangered Species worksheet.

There are many ways to protect endangered species.  Some may seem unimportant. Others may, at first glance,  seem unhelpful.  The only real way to not help endangered species is to try nothing at all, ignore the problem and hope the issues affecting them go away on their own.  The proverbial “sticking your head in the sand” philosophy will seal the fate of thousands of species.

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Everyone can help. Even for those who don’t really care about the fate of our non-human friends, a few of these suggestions may be appealing if only to make their own situation more appealing.  However, for the majority of people who understand the importance of strong biodiversity, here are seven meaningful and relatively easy ways to help protect endangered species.

  1. Visit a National, Provincial or State Park to show your support for the conservation of wildlife habitat.  Supporting these institutions shows the government that they are important to citizens and provides financial support to keep them funded.
  2. Investigate and learn more about endangered species in your area.  By learning about the role of wildlife in your local ecosystem, you are more likely to support conservation efforts and spread the word about the importance of wildlife conservation.
  3. Use native plants to beautify your landscape and attract wildlife.  Native flowers, shrubs and trees give both food and habitat for wildlife.  Clean and disinfect any feeders and bird baths you include in your landscaping to prevent the spread of disease.
  4. Avoid the use of herbicides and pesticides in your garden.  They are poisonous to local wildlife and can accumulate in animals, causing problems in future generations of wildlife.
  5. Join local wildlife protection organizations and help in the fight to protect your local endangered species.  In Ontario, Canada we have the Ontario Wildlife Rescue which supports a number of smaller wildlife organizations including the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre right here in Peterborough, Ontario.  I am often slowing down during turtle breeding season because of signs posted by this organization.
  6. Slow down when driving.  Wildlife is often crossing roads to pass into other areas of their habitat.  As they say, the grass is always greener on the other side, and most animals are not traffic savvy.  Signs indicating deer and turtle crossing should be taken seriously.  Keep an eye out for crossing wildlife especially in these areas.
  7. Recycle and buy sustainable products.  Less packaging means fewer resources are taken from wildlife habitat.

These seven ways to protect endangered species are a good way to contribute to conservation efforts.  Every small step paves the way to slowing extinction rates.  We’d all love our grandchildren to experience the animals we have grown up with.

Let us know in the comment section what you have done locally to help endangered species or promote wildlife in your own backyard.  I’d be interested to hear from you!

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