The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was signed in December of 1973.  It provides for the conservation of ecosystems where endangered animals, fish and plants live.  Federal action and the development of state programs through the ESA have resulted in the following actions of the ESA:

  • determines and lists species as endangered and threatened;
  • polices the unauthorized taking, possession, sale, and transport of endangered species;
  • gives the authority to buy land for the conservation of listed endangered species, using land and water conservation funds;
  • develops cooperative agreements and grants-in-aid to States that develop and keep up effective programs for endangered and threatened wildlife and plants;
  • determines the punishment for violating the Act or regulations; and
  • provides rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction for any violation of the Act.

A number of revision to the ESA have been made over the years some significantly reducing the power held by the Act.  Exemptions to section of the Act may be made for national security, economic reasons as well as emergency situations.  Your Opinion counts.  Endangered species protection is important.  Take the time to take part in the following two polls. Add your voice to issues important in the protection of endangered species.

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