1. Many plants and aquatic organisms are key to keeping the air and water clean.

  2. Many creatures such as plants are essential for climate regulation.

  3. We are part of many food webs and making sure we  have many food choices is essential to our health.

  4. Many medicines come from plants and animals or from knowledge gained from these species.

  5. Much of our building and clothing material comes from plants and animals.

  6. Ecosystems with higher biodiversity have soil which is more fertile.

  7. High numbers of endangered species show an unhealthy biosphere which will eventually affect all humans too.

  8. They are beautiful and we should protect them to keep that beauty.

  9. We should want to make sure our children and grandchildren can grow up and experience the same wildlife we have.

  10. We should care because they are fellow creatures of Earth whose uniqueness makes the world a more interesting place.