In order to solve a problem you need to educate yourself about all aspects of it.  The fact that thousands of species are in danger of disappearing from our planet is a big problem.  Start becoming part of the solution by showing what you know about species in peril by taking this endangered species quiz.  I dare you to become part of the solution!

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Killer whales belong to the dolphin family and are found in oceans all across the globe.  They are social animals with a long life span and can have up to 4 generations living in a pod.  What threatens their existence?


What is a vulnerable species?


The Jaguar is the third largest feline on the planet and remains solitary like most cats apart from mother and cub groups.  It is found near water in tropical savannas and forests but only a few of these cats remain.  What threatens their existence?


What are the main reasons a species becomes endangered?


The world's largest bear is the Polar Bear which feeds mainly on seal.  An iconic North American species, what threatens its existence?


Woodland Caribou are native to both the Arctic and Subarctic regions of the world.  They migrate farther than any land mammal.  What are the threats to their existence?


Bighorn sheep crossed the Bering Land bridge into North America thousands of years ago.  These creatures weigh up to 500 lbs with 30 lbs of that being horns.  They are an integral part of American Indian mythology.  What threatens their existence?


An endangered species is ____________________ that will become extinct if nothing is done to stop the cause of its decline.


What purpose do zoos serve other than recreation?


Grizzly Bears, although they live mainly on berries and nuts, are at the top predators in their food chain.  What threatens their existence?

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