There are many reasons species are endangered.  Habitat loss, pollution and climate change are the big ones.  Introduced diseases and species may also be a cause for some.  Humans are 99% of the reason so many of the diverse creatures on our planet are now endangered and facing extinction in the very near future.  It will take human intervention to reduce the trend.  But that is the focus of another quiz.  For now, sit back, grab a cuppa your favorite and see how many interesting facts or reasons for extinction you know about some of our most endangered creatures.

Welcome to Why are these Creatures Endangered?

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A number of crane species are endangered due to the destruction of this habitat.


This turtle, an endangered species, is the world's largest turtle.


Which endangered animal has the heaviest brain - 20kg - on Earth?


The endangered Snow Leopard is native to what country?


This animal is endangered partly because it gets caught in boat propellers.


The Asian Elephant is endangered because of poaching for what body part?


Yellowstone National Park provides habitat for the following three species.


The Black Rhinoceros is endangered due to poaching for what body part?


This endangered animal is the largest land mammal.


The Blue Whale's tongue is about as big as what animal?

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