Every great cause needs an ambassador.  While endangered species do have their “spokespecies” maybe its time to shake things up a bit and give a new face or two to the plight of these vanishing creatures.  Conservation efforts do need money.  Pulling at the heartstrings of as many people as possible, preferably as many as possible with deep pockets, is a necessity in getting the required funds to get the job done.

Advertising campaigns for many “products” often focus on the cute and cuddly.  It makes us go oooh and ahhh.  And let’s face it, it does encourage consumer spending.  The weird and unusual can also be a “hook” for many people.  It grabs their attention and brings focus to the selling point.  I admit I am drawn to anything unique, monstrous and unusual.  If you want my attention, that’s going to get it!

So, what do you think?  Do endangered species campaigns need some new faces?  Should the focus be shifted from the cute and cuddly to something a little more unusual but with an awesome story to sell?

“It takes hundreds of people to turn their backs on an endangered species and just two to make a difference.”― Jes Fuhrmann

All endangered species need our help.  Conservation efforts must be put in place and become a priority world-wide.  Efforts to save one species will spill over to help other species in peril.  Check out the endangered species in the poll on this page.

Which creatures do you think would have a good shot at stirring new interest in the plight of endangered species?  Will you choose traditional, a mixture or deviate completely and choose the weird and unusual?  Take the poll.  Choose two of your favorites.  Post your results on Twitter and Facebook and let your friends know you care about endangered species.