Inside:  The hunt for cryptids is a small branch of fringe science known as cryptozoology. What keeps these ‘scientists’ hunting for these creatures? Find out here.

What are cryptids?  We find the answer in fringe science?  It is within this mysterious science that we fit the study of cryptids.  There a number of posts in this blog focusing on creatures known only through legends or from fossil records. Bigfoot, Yeti, the Kraken…we hear the stories.  Periodically, the news reports a sighting or some new evidence that has come to light.  A number of these cryptids have been found to exist – most in the ocean which is vast in size and largely unexplored.

Often ridiculed by mainstream scientists, cryptozoologists seek out these elusive creatures from legend and our fossil record.  Their passion is fueled by a continuous stream of sightings.  Despite the ridicule, most cryptozoologists stay strong in their belief that these creatures do indeed exist.  The rare found creatures once shrouded in myth and legend keeps their passion alive.  Learn some background information about this fringe science by taking this week’s quiz.

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