Today’s quiz is in keeping with the theme of this past month’s creature features.  My son has always been interested in the adventures of Jacques Cousteau and plans on having a concentration of marine biology courses in his Environmental Science degree.  I also have a passion for marine creatures and have posted content on a number of weird and strange sea creatures.  I love newly discovered life and the ocean is the most unexplored habitat on our planet.


Nemo, CCo Public Domain, via pixabay

It is even more poorly understood than our solar system.  As technology improves, we are able to study sea creatures in their native habitat at depths never before observed. In the Antarctic seas and glaciers scientists are finding a vast array of interesting creatures despite the extremely frigid conditions of the water.

Jacques Cousteau was an avid sea adventurer and dedicated marine biologist. Can you impress Cousteau with your knowledge of the sea?  Take the following quiz to find out.

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