I diverge today from my usual science topics.  I have indeed had a busy weekend – definitely no time to criticize myself let alone wasting my time criticizing others.  What did I do this weekend? It was all football related for the most part revolving around my youngest son’s budding football career .

Let’s start with Saturday:

  • I spent the morning in a sport “bubble” freezing my tushie! The temperature this weekend in South Central Ontario has been hovering around -21ºC this.  Much colder, I must say, if you factor in windchill.  So, it was marginally warmer inside the sport’s dome for us adults watching while our kid’s performed various drills trying out for the local rep football team.
  • Later that afternoon, our territorial but loveable Akbash Tuck attended obedience class.  He was very out of sorts because his bestest pal Kieran was off with his friend to babysit for the evening.  Needless to say there was a fair bit of growling at every male dog he passed!  But we and the dog made it through the hour – let me assure you dear readers no dogs were harmed during this lesson.
  • That evening, my husband and I attended a charity dinner, dance and silent auction for said rep football team.  The live band was fantastic – Yeah Baby – was their name.  The girls and I even got a chance to perform as backup singers to said band.  A huge amount of fun was had by all and the venue was warm to boot.  No freezing here!

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Sunday was a tad bit more relaxing.

  • We met my son in Aurora, Ontario for his Super Elite football camp.  Yet another sport dome and cold temperatures, yeah! He traveled with family he did the babysitting for the previous night.
  • I also had a chance to meet up with my sister who lives in the area.  An hour and a half drive each way with the camp going from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm does make for a late evening.  It was Family Day holiday in Ontario today so at least there was no school or work the next day.

Monday I was up early to take Kieran to Brampton, Ontario which was another 2 hour drive.  He was competing in the Ontario Prospect Challenge where he hopes to be one of 50 participating in a series of regional games.  Again, we were in a sport dome and it was freeeeezing!  I’m home now and several hours later I’m still thawing out.  There were 70+ participants so his odds are pretty good at making the team.  He felt he had a decent showing of skill today so time will tell.  He was happy earlier in January to be chosen out of almost 400 participants to make the Top 100.

Tomorrow is the last in my series of events.  My oldest son is back from University of Guelph for reading week and gets to drive to Toronto Western Hospital leaving at 430 am for his third and hopefully last wrist surgery.  He’s had two bone grafts to repair a broken scaphoid bone in his wrist.  He was being a ‘stupid’ teenager punching a friend in the back which damaged it.  He thinks he sealed the deal when he continued to play football not realizing how badly he had hurt it.  This surgery is to remove the pins in his wrist – the rest of the hardware (screws) must stay.  The surgeon will be able to take a close look to see how it has healed since last June.  This is a great way to spend his reading week recovering again from surgery.  He’ll have plenty of time to study for an upcoming midterm and prepare for a debate he has at the end of the week.  Hopefully his recovery will be quicker than the other surgeries.

So there you have it.  I am about ready to pass out from late evenings and early mornings (I’m one of those girls who needs her beauty sleep .  So, after this extremely busy weekend, my Monday Quiz will be moved to tomorrow again.  And I’ll try to work on my editorial calendar. I’ve been pretty pleased with my blog so far but I do need to do some serious pre-planning.  I’d like to get some monthly themes happening to start.  Baby steps I keep telling myself.  Well, I’m off to find comfy spot and if I fall asleep before I get much done well then tomorrow is another day!

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