I am honored to have been nominated for the Premio Dardos Award by Carol Schepper at Time for my thoughts, a favorite blogger of mine.  Carol is a frequent visitor and commenter to my blog and I love to visit hers often.  She writes well thought out and interesting posts on a number of timely subjects.

The rules for accepting this award are not daunting.

dardos rules

As Carol mentioned regarding her short time as a blogger in her acceptance post for this same award, I too have not been blogging very long.  However, I just surprised myself to find 15 blogs that I follow, which I felt fit the profile of the award, to nominate.  If I have failed to mention a few deserving comrades, please excuse me.  There were more that I could have nominated.

I am still working on improving my networking skills.  Between work, three teenage boys and dogs, I sometimes find myself stretched.  I have included, in the following nominations, bloggers who have provided feedback, assistance and inspiration.  Above all, these bloggers are a joy to read and are very thought-provoking.  Please visit Carol and the bloggers mentioned below.  They are well worth reading!

My Premio Dardos Award nominations:


Living with my Ancestors

wtf Am I On About Now?

Ohm Sweet Ohm

Bone Don’t Lie

the world through my eyes


The Drawing Page

AngelineM’s Blog

Lens and Pens by Sally

Scribbler’s Playhouse

Far Beyond the Stars

Commonplace Fascinating Facts

Perspectives On…

The Contemplative Mammoth



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