I had a pretty bad day today.  My supply teaching job was difficult to say the least.  I should have stayed home, I think.  My husband left work an hour early to take my youngest son to a dentist appointment and low and behold a blizzard unexpectantly awaited him when he walked out of the office – one of the many downsides to not having a window view.  Needless to say, he got stuck behind a snow plow and was half and hour late getting home to pick up said boy.  The dentist office had already called to say not to bother showing up – they were too late.  Hope that doesn’t cost us a visit or I’m off to find a dentist with longer office hours.

So, here I am sipping on a glass of wine, not coffee this time as after my day the stronger stuff was called for.  I am not really in a frame of mind to research about a crazy or weird species.  I already did my quote for the week so I thought I would share some link love.  I think today I need some good karma.  I think everyday we could all use some good news.

So, included within this post are links to my favorite blogs and science news sites including some articles that I found especially intriguing.  Enjoy!

My Very First Guest Post (for Crimson Leaf Studios):

The Benefits of Business Blogging

My favorite blogs:

The Seeker:  In between times …is NOW.

Far Beyond the Stars:  Journeys of an astronomer and novelist

Time for my thoughts:  Random musings on life, the universe and everything

Commonplace Fascinating Facts:  a collection of trivia, fun facts, humor and interesting notions

Bones, Ohms and Ribosomes:   A blog about all things science, by an aspiring science communicator

Lens And Pens By Sally:  a weekly blog that creates a personal philosophy through photographs and words

The World Through My Eyes: Welcome to my technological world. Have a look around.

Bones Don’t Lie:  Current News in Mortuary and Archaeology and Bioarchaeology

My Favorite Science Sites:

Science News:  Magazine of the Society for Science and the Public

Science Daily:  Your source for the latest research news

My Favorite Articles:

SciNews.com.  “Qijianglong guokr: New Long-Necked Dinosaur Discovered in China.” SciNews., 29, January 2015.

Susan Milius.  “Organisms age in myriad ways — and some might not even bother”  Science News.org. 13 July 2016.

Enjoy these links.  The science stories are very interesting and the blogs I’ve included are filled with inspiration and great reading.

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