We have been under extreme weather for the past week.  I started an occasional teaching job which turned from one day into 5 days and for most of those days, the kids have been indoors for recess due to extreme cold temperatures.  If the temperature reaches -15ºC with or without windchill, the kids stay inside – period.  In the past five days, the kids have been out for recess three times – only three.   You can imagine the atmosphere in a school where the kids have not had their chance to burn off excess energy.  Can you say “hyper”! I’ve been teaching music of all things.  Not my forte but I do have some small musical inclination.  Banging instruments, playing recorders and whacking on drums have been the most exercise these kids have had for most of the week.

Winter is nature’s way of saying, ‘Up yours.’ — Robert Byrne

My eardrums are ringing, my nerves are a bit frayed and Advil or a glass of wine are usually mandatory when I get home .

With windchill taken into consideration, our temperatures here in southern Ontario have been reaching those extreme cold temperatures for most of this week.  Yesterday, the temperature reached -23ºC without taking windchill into consideration.  That is cold – colder than a witches you know what!  The rest of the week, including the weekend, are expected to range from -9 to -2ºC — a comparative heatwave .  Last year was a brutal winter with extreme cold temperatures for weeks at a time.  This winter has begun like a lamb.  Extreme cold temperatures are bareable if you know they will be short-lived.  Here’s praying for a mild Ontario winter.

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