This week’s quiz focuses on geology and climate change.  Our planet, Earth, is not static.  It is an ever-changing sphere of rock.  It’s place around the sun changes daily as does its distance from that fiery star.  Our climate and weather depends on those sometimes subtle shifts.  The Earth’s crust is suspended on a semi-liquid mantle.  Divided into plates, the crust is in a constant state of motion if only millimetres or centimetres per year.  Grinding plates have resulted in the creation of mountain ranges.  Shifting plates are also responsible for earthquakes and tsunamis.  The continents of our planet shift with the plates as well.  At one time all the plates were touching forming one enormous land mass.  Moving continents are also responsible for climate changes that span millions of years and human activity is also, sadly, contributing to some of the most recent shifts in climate.

[stextbox id=”special” bwidth=”10″ color=”FF964A” bcolor=”FF964A”]Try your luck at this week’s quiz.  How well do you understand your geology and climate-change facts?  Leave your result in the comments below, if you dare![/stextbox]


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