We arrived home tonight just in time to see a hawk on our driveway right beside our parking area.  It looked to be a Red-tailed hawk.  It wasn’t a huge bird but it did have the prey it just captured in its claws.  I was not able to get access to my purse and phone in time to capture the bird.  I was more in awe of seeing one of these beautiful birds so very close.  I did, however, have to capture a picture of what this predator left.  I didn’t realize the carnage these birds left after the prey is captured.  If you look closely at the first shot, you can see markings probably of wings and the struggle that took place as the hawk killed its prey.  The feathers left behind tell me our hawk captured either a resident pigeon from our barn or a sea-gull that had feasted on corn left over from the harvest brought in by the farmers only a week ago.  Although I feel bad about the little creature that lost its life, predator-prey relationships are an important part of the food webs of any ecosystem.  Hawks are an important part of the Oak Ridge Moraine ecosystem and it was interesting to see this interaction up close!

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