I took this picture last August during our now annual vacation to New York City.  My youngest son especially loves to visit the Big Apple as part of our annual visit which includes a visit to the MetLife Stadium to watch the Giants play.  Our first visit in the summer of 2013 was unforgettable as two of my boys got the opportunity to meet most of the Giant’s football team as they happened to be staying in the same hotel we booked for three days of our vacation.  My youngest son, a huge Giant’s fan, has a football with dozens of autographs of his favorite players. This summer we took our share of bus tours in New York City as my oldest son joined us.  We also took a round trip ride on the Staten Island Ferry.  The day was warm and the breeze as we watched the spectacular scenery was cool.  It was impressive to see Manhattan from the vantage point of New York Bay.  I managed to capture a view of one of lower Manhattan’s bridges. Spectacular view, isn’t it?

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