My family lives on 100 acres in Central Ontario.  Our farmhouse is circa 1888 and the remnants of the original windmill are seen here.  My husband has looked for blades to complete this structure and make it usable again.  It is not easy to find working blades and we are still looking.  At one time there was a shallow well beneath this structure which supplied hogs and cattle with fresh water.  Patience is needed with respect to rebuilding the past.  At some point we will be able to rebuild this once important structure of past farming life.  Windmills are becoming more common structures with respect to renewable energy and my husband hopes that when we are able to rebuild our windmill, we will be able to use it for some electrical applications for our property.

Windmill in black and white, Copyright 2014, Teresa Coppens


Windmill in black and white, Copyright 2014, Teresa Coppens

This picture was taken today.  The winds were high and had there been blades they would have spun furiously.  I used Pixlr, and under Adjustment, used the color lookup tool.  I chose two black and white options which gave very different results.  I like them both.  In the first, the windmill stands out in stark black against  grey sky.  The second photo enhances the windmill in white, giving an electrical appearance to the clouds.  I thought that was quite prophetic considering the use of windmills in electrical generation.

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