Wednesday’s photo101 challenge was to involve the sun.  It has been so cloudy and dismal here of late I thought I was going to have to search through previous photos or come up with a creative solution to Wednesday’s assignment.  Just as I went to do some vacuuming (yuck, not my favorite chore) I saw the sun peek through the cloud cover.  Thank goodness my camera was close by because those clouds kept a’moving.  I had two short minutes before the sun disappeared behind those heavy, but travelling clouds.  I again used my trusty Canon Rebel and used one filter I haven’t used before in Pixlr.  It’s called emboss and seemed to highlight the bare tree branches in the background effectively.  I thought this photo would also be appropriate for my Friday Nature Photo.  What type of cloud do you see in the photo?  They’re not cumulus.  Possibly nimbostratus or cumulonimbus?

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