The second day’s picture post in Photography 101 was to be a street.  I live in the country in a southern Ontario village.  My street view is a road.  It is known as a highway but who’s kidding who?  It is a two lane road but despite the bad paving job is a sight to behold with its rolling vistas.  We live in the outskirts of the village actually. This road is a winding one like a kiddy roller coaster.  Every season brings new beauty from the trees that line both sides.  I am often thrilled by the sight of wild turkey or grouse and now and then a doe or fawn can be seen disappearing into the trees.  I took this photo with my Canon Rebel.  On the way to work this morning I stopped at the top of the hill.  It is my favourite vantage point for this road.  It was morning and traffic was non-existent so I was able to get several shots.  This was my favourite.  Using the pixlr photo editor I manipulated the color balance and applied a vignette filter.  I am pleased with result.  What do you think about the road to my home?

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