We went to New York City this past August.  We’ve gone the past couple of summers to see pre-season New York Giants games.  This year all of my boys traveled with us.  We did the bus tours and shopping and of course saw the New York Giants at the Met Stadium.  Last year, my two younger boys who traveled with us were able to meet many of the New York Giants players and get autographs.  It was the trip of a life time.  We stayed at the same hotel this year but were not so lucky.  My oldest son who missed out on last years trip was a bit disappointed not to have met NFL players but as the Atlanta Falcons are his favorite team he was not completely devastated.  The picture you are viewing was taken on a ferry ride to Staten Island.  It was a beautifully warm day and the experience was breathtaking.  I have cropped the image using Pixlr but added nothing else.  We may experience New York again next year or perhaps Boston but either way we will attempt a regular season game next year as many first string players do not make an appearance during preseason games.  I hope as well to take more photos of our amazing journey to whatever destination we choose.  Enjoy.

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