My son Kieran loves his dogs.  His dog Tuck, the big white one with curley cue tail is part Malamute so it seemed natural he would try out dog sledding with his pup.  As Rosco does not like to be left behind he tried hooking both up.  Using harnesses and dog leashes and food dangled in front of their noses he was, with the aid of his best friend, able to coerce his friends to give him a long ride across the hay field.  Once was enough for these smart dogs as they soon figured out the ruse with the food but both boys had  blast.  Take note, neither dogs nor boys were harmed during this experiment!

This photo was taken with my Canon Rebel digital camera with a telephoto lens.  I manipulated the photo using pixlr.  I applied a tritone filter, playing with the colors until I achieved the desired black and white affect.  I hope you enjoy my son’s dog sledding experience through the photo!

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