My Writing Background

I have decided to revamp my blog and learn more about the process of blogging by participating in Blogging  101 through the Daily Post.  My name is Teresa Coppens and I am the writer behind the blog Science Alcove.  I decided to blog publicly for a couple of reasons.  I love to write and wanted my own forum to write about my passion – science – in a less formal way.  I have written on HubPages for a couple of years now.  The articles I have published there tend to be quite long, heavily researched pieces.  I was fortunate to be invited to be part of the beta HubPages Apprenticeship Program which taught writers SEO basics and honed internet writing skills.  It was an arduous program, requiring a real committment and articles requiring heavy research.  I managed to graduate and learned a lot from the experience.   I have made some small financial gain from HubPages.  But as my income relies on a percentage of impressions of my articles, the payout is minimal.  However, the community there is extraordinary and as such I have not given up on writing for this site.  I am hoping I can link my blog and HubPages and gain readers for both sites.

My Aspirations for Science Alcove

As I mentioned above, I love science.  I taught high school science for a several years in Toronto, Ontario.  As  a supply teacher now, I often come across new and interesting activities for kids.  I love trying them out at home, most often with my own boys, modifying them, testing their workability and publishing my results.  I have created a number of science-related lesson plans and activities on HubPages and hope to do the same on my blog.  I also love to write about science currently trending in the news and providing common sense “tips” while also explaining the science behind them.

I have made some connections through facebook, twitter and Google+.  I would love to learn how to use these platforms more effectively to drive traffic to my site.  As with many of us here, I am hoping my blog, Science Alcove, will eventually become an income generating site.

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