Inspiration for the Blog Summer Bucket List

Blog bucket lists have become popular vehicles not just for listing things you’d like to do before you die although I do have one of those lists also.  I have seen bucket lists for summer and Christmas activities and ones for renovation and work goals.  This idea for a blog bucket list came to me one day while I was working as an occasional teacher.  I was covering a primary class late in the last school year and their teacher had left a lesson for them that I found both interesting and applicable to my own blogging endeavors.  She had left them with a writing assignment which involved completing a bucket list of activities they would like to participate in this summer.  As I wandered the class, watching them work, I was amazed at the buzz of excitement around a writing assignment.  Every child was keenly involved in creating a list of fun things they wanted to do during the summer holidays.  Sharing ideas with each other, it was a great tool to inspire even the most tentative writers to put pencil to paper.  I too was looking forward to a summer of experimenting with a new blog.  In my own mind, I was mulling over how I could high-jack this idea for my own purposes.  Starting a new blog, I realized I would need focus and a plethora of ideas which would involve family fun in the summer but provide me with fodder for regular posts.  Thus, I came up with a Blog Bucket List for the summer.

 My Blog Bucket List for the Summer

Blog Summer Bucket List2


Have you considered a summer blog bucket list?  I’d love to hear your ideas!

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