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How to Make Chemistry Amazing by Making Ice Cream

How to Make Chemistry Amazing by Making Ice Cream

Inside:  Making ice cream is a cool, interactive way to teach chemistry. It makes a perfect science activity for either home school or classroom instruction. Better yet, you end up with yummy, healthier ice cream along with learning some applied chemistry....

Actually, What in the World is the Meaning of Pi?

Actually, What in the World is the Meaning of Pi?

What is the meaning of Pi? Anywhere you see circles, the constant Pi comes into play. Sound waves, river bends, and pie plates are impacted by the constant 3.14……Read more about this irrational number and learn how to prove Pi is real.

Teresa Coppens

Teresa Coppens

Hi, I'm Teresa Coppens, science geek, book nerd, educator, coffee lovin' mom with a coconut aversion. I am passionate about the weird and unusual. Here in my cabinet of science curiosities get your science geek on. Grab a cup of your favorite brew, get comfortable at Science Alcove and learn to love your inner science geek!

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