Endangered species and their protection are hot topics today.  According to some scientists Earth is experiencing its 6th known mass extinction.  Humans are thought to be primarily responsible for changes causing this massive upheaval in biodiversity.  There are, however, small things all of us can do. These changes add up and contribute to the bigger picture of protecting our species in need.

“Nature is evenly balanced.  We cannot disturb her equilibrium, for we know that the law of Cause and Effect is the unerring and inexorable law of nature; but we do fail to find our own equilibrium as nations and as people, because we have not yet learned that the same law works as inexorably in human life and in society as in nature — that what we sow, we must inevitably reap.” — Sidney Bremer

 I have written a number of posts these past two months addressing the issue of endangerment of our brethren organisms.  Take this endangered species quiz and see how much you’ve picked up about this interesting and important topic.  Feel free to reread some of the more relevant posts to improve your score.

[WpProQuiz 1]

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