Trees are wonderful, mysterious organisms.  Often hundreds of feet tall, they are still able to stand upright and transport water and food up and down their trunks.  How is this accomplished?  Not by magic that’s for sure.  It is biology. There are logical, biological processes at work that come together to make a tree able to do all the wonderful things it does. Test your knowledge of tree biology by answering these ten questions.

Welcome to your Science of Trees

1) A function of the root is:
2) The main function of the xylem is:
3) The loss of water from a flowering plant is called _________________ and takes place mostly in the _____________.
4) An important function of the leaf is:

5) Which of the following does NOT belong to a flowering plant?
6) Which one of the following plants stores food (starch) in its roots?
7) Where on the leaf do you mainly find stomata?
8) An important function of the stem is:
9) The main function of the flower is:
10) The main function of the phloem is:

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