Beautiful to behold.  Majestic whether in a forest or gracing your back yard. Trees are beautiful, useful and ecologically essential.  Test your knowledge again this week on the things that make a tree, well, a tree.  Grab that coffee or juice, put on your thinking cap and have fun testing your knowledge of tree biology.

Welcome to  Science of Trees II

1) Which one of the following statements about transpiration is false?
2) The loss of water vapor from the surface of a plant is known as:
3) What is the top layer of the leaf that is waxy, tough and protects it from water loss?
4) Xylem and phloem in a tree make up a tissue called?
5) Identify x and y in the diagram:
label a tree
6) Which one of the following will not affect the rate of transpiration of a tree?
7) Select the plant that stores most of its food in the leaves.
8) The potato plant stores most of its food where?
9) The xylem carries water from the roots to the leaves.  Why do leaves require water?
10) What is the part of the tree responsible for support and positioning leaves for best exposure to the sun?

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