This week’s phoneography challenge involved a choice.  View the rules for the phoneography challenge here.  Animals are part of nature and as nature is part of science I chose this gem.  My husband actually snapped this guy with our Canon Rebel Digital camera after stopping our dog Rosco from having a “play date” with a porcupine.  Rosco had made a vet visit not too long before due to a quill lodged up his nostril.  I didn’t want to risk too much damage pulling it out myself and breaking off part of it would have caused poor Rosco more complications.  Thank goodness Rosco was stopped before a disastrous meeting erupted.

Porcupines are a common feature of our part of Ontario.  Even so, this guy ( or girl) was the first of his kind we’d seen up close.  We had a carcass close by that the dogs got into a few years before.  Loose quills in their fur was the dead giveaway they’d come across a dead one.  We’d heard stories from neighbors about the previous owner of the property trapping dozens of them and stringing up their carcasses in the trees in the hardwood forest at the back of our property.  We, on the other hand, love our wildlife in the living state.  Although it could have been disastrous for Rosco, it was very cool seeing one of these creatures up close.  I am so glad my husband had the foresight and speed to grab the camera to take this unforgettable shot!


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